Sexual deprivation is not a rare thing in the life of every adult. For example, even a random quarrel between the spouses can turn your house into a sexless warzone. Or the boyfriend decides to sublimate into work, and now the bed is overgrown with cobwebs. But is it really harmless to abstain, or people totally wrong?

Studies show that prolonged rejection of sex among women can create big problems for them. The fact is that the ladies establish psychology as the basis of well-being- enjoying sex and orgasmic relaxation are necessary for normal psychological functioning. If they are not present, the woman becomes irritable, quick-tempered, very serious changes in character occur within one month without intimacy. Sex is not just a sexual act, but also a symbol of "trusted communication" with another person. And when there is no such interactions, the woman begins to perceive the world schematically, through the prism of some principles: she becomes rigid, very critical in judgments, prone to condemn. Most often, all this has nothing to do with personal, intimate life, but extends to the sphere of interpersonal relations in general, to professional activities, for example. According to the survey women would rather abstain from sex at all than have it with a random partner.

Actually, for this not to happen, you can replace sex by masturbation. But if men do it almost always (even when everything is OK with their sexual life), the woman during voluntary sexual deprivation often refuses and from it. But if find it very difficult to bear abstinence from an intercourse, you can always sleep with anyone who does not share your moral principles. A woman can also engage in self-pleasuring.

Among women, abstinence leads to a sharp increase in desire, and then, in a few months, it can disappear altogether. Moreover, after the resumption of sexual activity, a woman may experience unpleasant sensations and even pain in the vagina, because of deprivation; she begins to produce less lubricant. And the excitement will not grow so quickly as it used to be when she had normal sexual life. By the way, there may be problems with women discharge. With a long period of abstinence, orgasm can return only after a few months.

A good sex life is closely related to cardiovascular health, so prolonged abstinence can worsen the effect of this hormonal and aerobic stimulus. However, there are not so many studies aimed at studying this relation. It is possible that if you try to replace the rejection of sex with a treadmill, your heart will be healthier than it was before you gave it up.

When women abstain from sex, she might come across possible gynecological diseases caused by stagnation of blood in a small pelvis. Also, during the process of sex, a large number of kilocalories are burned, the muscles of the vagina are stimulated, which subsequently can greatly facilitate childbirth. With age, many women experience involuntary discharge of urine, and training the muscles of the vagina can provide invaluable help in getting rid of this trouble.

The work of the immune system lessens at 30%. And people who regularly make love, have more immunoglobulin in their blood. From all of the above, we can conclude that sexual relations are essential for women's health. They give an additional rise, both physiological and emotional. Intimate abstinence, of course, can benefit the relationship between partners, but only on the condition that it will not last long and you will get back to having sex soon.