Anthony Valletta
(Writer and Researcher)

Anthony Edward Valletta has been many things in his life, including a soldier in the U.S. Army, a punk rock guitarist for the band “Dead Angels” (among other bands), and a missionary (yes, a missionary). He has lived across the United States, and he has traveled the globe. Anthony has written fiction since his youth, starting with a science fiction series for his junior high school newspaper. First published as a nonfiction writer for the Long Beach Press Telegram (c.1983), Anthony has since been published in several literary magazines. Additionally, Anthony’s mock children’s book The Day The Rabbit Dung Died was published in 2008. He also wrote and co-produced two off-Broadway plays in New York entitled Wasted Tears and Bleeding Hearts. In 1998, Anthony co-wrote a made-for-cable thriller, and he has since worked in script editing. Most recently, Anthony collaborated with Michael King and co-wrote the documentary The Rescuers.