Movies are very important in our life. It can affect your mood and have a great impact on it, both bad and good. Movies are even more important when it comes to dates. You would like to impress a girl that you've found on with those charming Bollywood films that are perfect for setting the romantic mood. So, if you want to know what movies to watch with your lady on intimate evening, check out our list of the best romantic Bollywood movies.

Kaabil (2017)
directed by Sanjay Gupta

Although this is a crime-thriller film, it is also film about the everlasting love that has no boundaries. While this film may be sort of tragic, it is worth watching together with your lady. You would feel the immense satisfaction when all of the bad guys in the movie reap what the saw. You would discuss this movie for hours after watching it. The most important aspect, don't forget to answer “yes”, when your lady would ask you if you would do what the main character did for his wife for her.

Veer-Zaara (2004)
directed by Yash Chopra

This romance movie is another example of love that survives everything. The main characters are Veer and Zaara. Veer is an Indian air force pilot and Zaara is a Pakistani woman. The sensitive portrayal or the relationship between Pakistan and India helped film to become the highest-grossing flicks of 2004 and gain critical acclaim. The movie shows that love and politics doesn't go hand in hand, and that people are ready to sacrifice everything for love.

Shala (2011)
directed by Sujay Dahake

“Shala” is a rare example of an Indian film about the school romance. The movie manages to take the school life seriously. You've been through those highly nervous board years. You remember all the hangouts, pranks, and your first school love. Watching “Shala” would make you remember everything from your first school years infatuation to your crush on your professor. Somehow, watching this movie manages to bring those romantic feelings of teenagers, which would set the right mood on your romantic evening.

Sairat (2016)
Directed by Nagraj Manjule

“Sairat” is the highest-grossing Marathi film of all-time. This romantic musical drama is perfect for setting the romantic mood. “Sairat” is a classic example of traditional for Indian movies themes – love that survives everything from class differences to false rape accusations. It is also one of the rarest examples of the effective portrayal of the youth trying to withstand the traditionalism of their family.

Om Shanti Om (2007)
directed by Farah Khan

“Om Shanti Om” is the highest-grossing Bollywood movie in history, and one of the most popular Indian films of the late noughties. The movie is a lot of fun with numerous comic reliefs throughout the plot. It is also the movie about love that can survive through decades and bring back together people that were meant to be. Watching it together with your lady may give you the feeling that you do belong together.